Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming

Free Download Udemy Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming. With the help of this course you can Linux Kernel Programming - Synchronization and Concurrency.

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What will I need?

  • Should be able to write/understand Hello World Linux Kernel Module
  • Should be able to write/understand Linux Kernel Modules for /proc filesystem

Is this course right for me?

  • Linux Kernel Developers interested in learning various synchronization techniques

What am I going to learn?

  • Synchronization concepts in Linux Kernel

Update: Sep 15: Added RCU Section

What you will learn in this course

  • Various concepts related to concurrency like: preemption, context switch, reentrancy, critical section, race condition

  • Various Synchronization techniques

    • Per CPU Variables

    • Atomic Variables

    • Spinlocks

    • Semaphores

    • Mutexes

    • Read Write Locks

    • Sequence Locks

    • Read Copy Update(RCU)


  • spinlock_t, DEFINE_SPINLOCK, spin_lock, spin_unlock, spin_trylock, spin_lock_irqsave, spin_unlock_irqrestore,spin_lock_irq, spin_unlock_irq

  • atomic_t, atomic64_t, ATOMIC_INIT, atomic_inc, atomic_dec, atomic_set, atomic_read, atomic_add, atomic_sub,

    atomic_dec_and_test, atomic_inc_and_test, atomic_sub_and_test, atomic_add_negative,atomic_add_return, atomic_sub_return, atomic_inc_return, atomic_dec_return,atomic_fetch_add, atomic_fetch_sub, atomic_cmpxchg, atomic_xchg,set_bit, clear_bit, change_bit, test_and_set_bit, test_and_clear_bit, test_and_change_bit,

  • NR_CPUS,num_online_cpus,smp_processor_id,get_cpu,put_cpu,DEFINE_PER_CPU,get_cpu_var, put_cpu_var, per_cpu, for_each_online_cpu, alloc_percpu,  free_percpu, per_cpu_ptr

  • rcu_read_lock, rcu_read_unlock, synchronize_rcu, call_rcu, rcu_assign_pointer, rcu_dereference

  • seqlock_t, seqcount_t, DEFINE_SEQLOCK, seqlock_init, write_seqlock, write_sequnlock

  • struct rw_semaphore, DECLARE_RWSEM, init_rwsem, down_read, up_read, down_write, up_write, down_read_trylock, down_write_trylock, downgrade_write

  • struct rwlock_t, DEFINE_RWLOCK, rwlock_init, read_lock, read_unlock, write_lock, write_unlock

  • struct mutex, DEFINE_MUTEX, mutex_init, mutex_lock, mutex_unlock, mutex_trylock, mutex_lock_interruptible, mutex_unlock_interruptible, mutex_is_locked

  • struct semaphore, sema_init, DEFINE_SEMAPHORE, down, up, down_interruptible, down_trylock, down_timeout, down_killable

Commands used in the course

  • nproc

  • ps -eaF

  • ps aux

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